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Rent Your Way to Home Ownership  

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My name is Kristine Baker.
At Local Home Investment,
we understand many people are forced to rent,  putting money into their landlord’s pocket while struggling to get ahead. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could “Rent your way to Home Ownership?” You can!
It’s called Rent to Own!


Tough Times happen to Good People, Unfortunately, it seems like all the time these days.

However, Tough Times don’t need to stand between you and the Home you want to provide for your family.

At Local Home Investment, we started our Rent to Own division with you in mind.

Now in over 30 states, we are helping to not only get families into the homes of their dreams but also during the rent or lease period- establish or repair your credit so you can qualify to own your home sooner than you ever dreamed. In some cases, we can have your lease written so it can be refinanced into a mortgage enabling you to Fulfill the American Dream. Let our Team help you Starting Now, Starting Today!

Local Home Investment provides family’s in nearly any situation, an Easy and Fast solution to the Real Estate Challenges in their Lives!