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4 Top Tax Benefits Offered On Investment Property

Taxes are a reality of life. So in this blog post you’ll read about the 4 top tax benefits offered on investment property. Read all the way through because you just might find a benefit that you didn’t realize was available to you!

When it comes to the benefits of owning investment property, you might be pretty focused on the returns. But returns are not the ONLY benefit. You can also use the tax system to help you benefit, too! Here are 4 top tax benefits offered on investment property but you might find even more for the type of investing you’re doing so make sure you talk to a tax attorney.

4 Top Tax Benefits Offered On Investment Property #1

The first tax benefit to discuss is actually a number of benefits all rolled into one: As an investor, you own a business. That means you may be able to claim business expenses (and even some home office or car expenses) on your taxes. These tax benefits can help you to minimize your taxable income (and therefore the tax you pay). Just be aware, though, that excessive business expenses is a red flag for the IRS to take a closer look at your income tax return. Claim everything that you legally can but make sure you have receipts and good bookkeeping to back it all up.

4 Top Tax Benefits Offered On Investment Property #2

Here’s a surprising tax benefit you might not have been aware of: If you acquire the property in your IRA or 401(k), you can sometimes enjoy tax-minimized, tax-deferred, or even tax-free real estate investments! This is a very powerful way to invest while also getting the maximum tax benefits available to you. However, this is something you need to do additional research on because it depends on a number of factors and the type of Retirement Account you have.

4 Top Tax Benefits Offered On Investment Property #3

You may even qualify for a neighborhood beautification tax benefit from your municipality. This varies from one city to the next, and even from one neighborhood to the next, but check with the municipal government in charge of your town or city in Florida to see if there are tax benefits offered for you.

4 Top Tax Benefits Offered On Investment Property #4

Depending on the type of investing you do, and how you acquire your investment, you might also gain some tax benefit by living in your investment property. This won’t work if you invested in it through your IRA but if you just bought a duplex and you live in one side and rent out the other, or if you have a basement suite that you rent out, there might be tax advantages associated with the property being your primary residence.


In this blog we’ve listed 4 great tax benefits but these aren’t necessarily the only ones. Use this information as a guideline and make sure you talk to a tax attorney who will probably be able to find you even more tax benefits when they know your specific situation.

When it comes to investing, there are many benefits: there are the returns, of course, but there are also some tax benefits.
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